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Why Portal for HoReCa sector?

The answer is simple: in Lithuania it was not .

   Portals to the HoReCa business spread all over the world. Other countries of the world have a few portals for HoReCa sector. In addition, the HoReCa sector is the fastest growing sector in the world. We believe, that the Lithuanian HoReCa is ready for such a move - a portal for HoReCa business.

HoReCa sector should be called the hospitality sector, which consists of
not only from:
- Company providing catering, accommodation and spa services;
but also:
- Food / non-food / beverage / equipment / suppliers, manufacturers and sellers;
- Distributors / franchisor;
- Company providing services in the HoReCa business. 

We seek, that information in the portal would be good for a beginner HoReCa businessman, professional trader and HoReCa business worker,  HoReCa sector serving businesses, HoReCa student and people interested in the HoReCaWe hope, that the information in the portal will be useful for people creating new businesses or those, who develop the existing HoReCa business.

HoReCa - specific business. It is very important the contact with customers and partners.
The portal purpose - to facilitate You to maintain this relationship:

- Tell your company's activities, achievements, news, products / services or special offers,
- Search for partners and employees,
- Locate the customer,
- Select a profession HoReCa
- And others.


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